A pulse, I have one, if you are reading this then you probably have one too. I often wish I did not.

I’m tired, I’m disapointed, I’m pointless

Today I am also surprised. Often I will do a shoot and not be happy with the results. That’s normal.

Looking back on them now I generally like those even less, the mistakes are amplified like germs in a warm dirty corner corner, until they become a writhing mass threatening to consume my mind.

But then – just sometimes – I will see an image and think ‘Ok – that worked’

This one worked, I never paid it any attention until now, that entire shoot was to get 1 image and this was just an ‘inbetweener’, a step towards ‘that image’.  But looking at her face, the sadness, the innocence, the sense of lost-ness & emotion combined with the simple colour edit and straight forward composition actually come together quite well.

So for now my pulse is tolerated



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