Rearview Mirror

This morning post was going o be a simple photo & song post. I like those, quick and easy and it will always drop tiny clues about who and what I am 🙂

However, as I was preparing the image for the post, a deeper significance struck me.



The Rear View Mirror idea is one I had long before I even had a camera with which to even attempt it, when I finally managed to purchase one, I then found the next problem was how do you get someone to be the subject in your photo?

You turn to people you know… well I did.  My then co-worker volunteered her cousin for the job as she had “lovely eyes”

A lunch half hour and 100+ photos later.. I had a handful of images that where more or less what I had in mind.

Looking back now at the images (in my own Rear View mirror) there are a lot I should have culled instantly.  Also looking at the EXIF data makes me smile as I clearly had no idea what I was doing “technically” with the camera.

But that is how journeys start, with a step or two, sometimes a small one, sometimes a faltering one. But the important things is to take a step, and then another and another and just keep moving generally in a forward direction.

Here are two alternative edits, just for fun 🙂



And of course the song !! Cannot forget that now can I  ?


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