The Dawn Angel

I hate to start off with an apology, but I feel I should apologise – simply for the length of this post. I had a difficult time with the image selection process, and I have ended up including far too many, but I think you may forgive me 🙂

Last year a photographer friend did something which we do all the time, and that is send images to each other to either draw a response, or inspire, or simply share a great find. She sent me an image which ultimately led to the images below…


The idea of gossamer ‘wings’ on the beach is certainly not anything new, or patented to me, but I do believe Rachelle & I made it our own 🙂


The weather on the first day played along beautifully. It was warm, the sunrise – though brief – was spectacular, and we got a number of “look and feels” out of it.







We decided to do a second shoot the next morning, different beach and most likely different results. Well it was different ! A cold front settled in over night and we braved 7 deg C air temperature the next morning. Needless to say it was a very fast shoot that morning






The fast and the frozen then left the beach to return to normal life 😦


Until next time



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