Things are not always as they seem

Todays images were taken towards the end of the shoot, under a fairly busy little road in a few of the causeway tunnels…

Why a few ? Well I had a couple of ideas, one required a “wet” tunnel…




These were fun, although the lighting was slightly challenging. There was less water than i would have liked, and more wind than we needed which ruled out the one idea (Next time perhaps?)

The other idea required a “dry” tunnel…




Seems pretty tranquil and idyllic right ? Almost, it also smelled a bit of poop Eeeeeuuuuwwww, not cool. But that brings me to professionalism. Kerry did raise the point that it stank a bit and I did agree with her, but we decided to not bother moving to another tunnel. We would simply work quickly and I would remove some offending looking “things”.

To me, that is professionalism on her part. To work with someone who has that attitude is wonderful !

All in all I feel it was a brilliant shoot thanks largely to a game and willing model !

Until next time, take care





2 thoughts on “Things are not always as they seem

  1. The Photographic work is Excellent, and i Know 1st Hand just what a Awesome Person “Inside Out” Kerry is..She and these Photo’s is “Stunning” a true “Model” i say…

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