Well well well …

Well, let me start by saying this Saturday past was interesting. I have a client who is opening a Spa & Wellness center, and over the past 2 weeks or so we have homed in on a design for her stationary and logo and etceteras..

Much of the work is done, however we chose to include images of her premises and her “in action” in the pamphlets as a way of showcasing what she does and the warmth and tranquility of the surrounds.

Saturday saw us doing quite a complicated series of mini photoshoots, all crazily time consuming, but I think we pulled it off.

I am itching to share the images but am resisting the urge as I believe the bulk of the impact should belong to the Spa and not myself – however I will share these 😉


On arrival at the riverside resort where the Spa is located, I was greeted by the head of security !



He wanted to check my credentials of course…


Which incidentally confirmed I am as allergic to Giraffes as I am to horses 😛 – I break out in an itchy rash of small red bumps which goes away with a quick water rinse.


Once satisfied I was who I said I was, he waved me through and went on to the next arrival.



The real work started and before long – some make-up was done, and I had this image in the bag which I am quite pleased with…



More to follow soon 🙂



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