First Loves

I did allude to the fact that I love horses, so it is a natural extension of that love that I find myself photographing them quite a lot. Both in the arenas competing as well as the more personal side…

I freely admit I love this personal side more, and I also freely admit I have struggled to get the local horse fraternity to buy into my ‘horse and person’ shoots. I have had far more custom from people living 1000km away, but that is – as they say -life… however odd it may appear.


Fortunately it is not all gloom and doom, and those people who do get these portraits and lasting memories captured are always deeply appreciative of having them.


The shoot I would like to share tonight was really out of the blue. I got the call and a couple of hours later was shooting !



It was done around 2pm, a terrible time of day from a light point of view. The little girl, although in love with the idea of horses, had almost no experience of them. I think my easiness around both kids and horses helped her to behave in a very calm and natural way, like a seasoned pro !



To be fair, the pony was a delight, and never really put a foot wrong during the hour we were working with him.




He was more than happy to cuddle as long as he had food to munch on 🙂




It took a bit of convincing, but she even agreed to sit on him 🙂




Model potential ?




Until next time take care 🙂

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