Second shoot for “Fairytales”

I want to share some of the images from our second session. This was truly a spur of the moment plan – well as “spur of the moment” as you can get when you have to get 3 women dressed, make up done and looking fantastic.

We made good use of some free morning time, and got a good bit more adventurous with this shoot. We headed off to an section of railway near our harbour in East London which offers among other things an old tunnel dating back to the 1905 or thereabouts…

Kayla had no modeling experience, but did a very credible job


Having some shoe trouble led to a lucky shot …


And typical for the coast, before you know it, the wind comes up… Except when you want it to


We then moved into the tunnel itself, but were soon chased away by security – as there was a train on it’s way. I did get a few of Kelly, but I need to rethink my lighting a bit.


Also a first timer and not feeling well either made life a bit difficult for young Kelly, but she is lovely !




Ilse was with us again,  and was even more humorous than the first time ! I expect she was quite comfortable with me now and is great to work with


The colours all seemed to work so well


We finally had pushed the security guys patience to the limit, and were asked (very nicely) to leave.  We still felt the need for a few more images and headed down to a local picnic spot on the banks of a river.



And some of us are just kids and cannot resist playgrounds 🙂


All in all it was a great shoot. It was a shame Kayla had to leave early and that Kelly was ill, but that is life. I cannot wait for the next shoot and to see what Rochelle from Fairytales has created…

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