Beginnings of new things

There is something about new ventures that is both terrifying and exhilarating.

The concerns of failure are ever present as is the uncertainty surrounding decisions made and directions taken. I do like to associate myself with new ventures from time to time, and get a lot of pleasure out of seeing people doing well on their chosen path.

Recently I was approached by a young lady who was planning on  starting her own dress design and creation business. She was wanting to do a promotional exercise to get her name “out there”, and would I be willing to donate photo shoot vouchers towards these gift packs..

The rest they say, is history in the making ! To cut a long story short, it began a loose affiliation between us, with me helping with doing the model & clothing photos.

These are samples from our first official shoot, it was a bit of a rushed affair as the girls had to be whisked off to a nearby mall as the main part of the marketing exercise.

The lighting was a challenge,  9am and the sun was allready harsh enough to make things in direct sunlight difficult, so instead we opted to work under some beautiful trees. The slightly patchy light coming through had it’s own problems but was manageable.

To be honest I went for a very simple “safe” setup, with a looming deadline it was more about getting a few good photos in the bag than getting wildly creative !

ft1-1Probably my favorite from the morning, it worked well with the wind and the colours were striking.


We even found some matching flowers for this one 🙂


I was really impressed how they had managed to dress each girl in a dress that matched their looks and style


Another one I loved, helped along by the fact when Lillian the model smiled, it lit the picture up


The picture of elegance !

If you liked these, keep your eyes peeled for our second shoot, I will blog on that soon

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