Introduction :)

This blog is really a long time coming. It’s not that I have not blogged before, In fact I have quite a long running one on an Equestrian website ….

It has served me very well and will continue to do so, but I have felt the need for some time to reach out to a broader audience !

I am not going to attempt to meander through the entire history of how I ended up doing what I do – although I am sure I will touch on aspects as I go along – I would prefer to focus on what I feel were high lights or milestones 🙂

However the four images I want to share in this post were key to it all. By no means “where it began” but certainly where things started to take shape and direction.

You will find a lot of horses in my photos, they are fairly central in our lives ( with 2 daughters who ride) and I hope you enjoy seeing the work I produce as much as I enjoy producing it !





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