One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret
Never to be told



The Earth will always try to to reclaim it’s own


Wins & fails

My intention to do some live blogging on Saturday was a complete fail. The shoot that I wanted to showcase ended up being far to rushed and with me on my back foot most the time.. It just was a bridge too far.


The shoot itself had a good outcome,  it could have been better of course,  like the male model not being such a diva.


It could also have been warmer…
But when all is said and done, hats off to Erin van Zyl who transformed Kayla into my woodland creature, and thank you Kayla for your patience and taking all the abuse without complaint :-)
The idea of turning this into a series is rather appealing.

A potentially good day

Today is a day laden with good potential.  If time, circumstance and technology allows I will try to share snippets through out the day.
Currently we are at the stables,  my daughters are riding / coaching.  The weather is great and project Spring is on track


More on that later…

Sweet Jane and Why Part II

Some people like to go out dancing
And other people, (like us) they gotta work
And there’s always some evil mothers
They’ll tell you life is full of dirt.
And the women never really faint,
And the villains always blink their eyes.
And the children are the only ones who blush.
‘Cause life is just to die.
But, anyone who has a heart
Wouldn’t want to turn around and break it
And anyone who ever played the part
He wouldn’t want to turn around and fake it
Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane


(Covered rather beautifully by Low Sea, though the lyrics take a knock)

I have a dear cousin who recently expressed some amazement at the variety of my photographic subjects. I have always thought my variety was a bit lacking and unfocussed, so it just goes to show the gulf between perception A, reality and perception B is very real.

Look through this blog and what do you see ? Horses, women, flowers and sky (and a few other oddball things) Not much variety there!

Perhaps the variety is in the portrayal of these subjects ? That is probably a more accurate assertion, though I still feel more than a little stunted, caged in and limited. I am outgrowing myself which is a subject for another day.

But non of that really explains what inspires and motivates my choices and how I portray them does it ? If you had to push me for an answer I would say music. Perhaps that’s why my blog (and life) is littered with oddball music and images ?

mmmmm, food for thought.

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Chasing Clouds


I love it when a photoshoot leaves me somewhat speechless :)

Why ?

One of the many things I do – photography related that is- is horse shows / equine shows, call them what you will.


The are wonderfully crazy events which bring large groups of people and horses together to do all kinds of competitive disciplines …

These shows can be anything for 1 to 5 days (commonly), whilst  some of the bigger shows are longer.


From a photographers perspective, they are long, tiring, at times stressful, at times frustrating, and only marginally profitable.

Often people will talk to me, telling me how much they admire my perseverance , or sometimes to ask me why do I do it, or sometimes asking the craziest things that I cannot repeat here :-/

Here is my best reason to stand out in the boiling sun / freezing wind all day , I will call it The Nicola Effect. This is but one example of The Nicola Effect it comes in many shapes and forms.

This particular event was a few weeks ago, on the first day one particular competitor taking part in show jumping entered the arena and had a dreadful round, in fact if memory serves me right they did one jump and then everything went pear shaped.

The kind of round that kills ones confidence very quickly.

Two days later she again had a show jumping round, and in passing while walking the course, she looked at me and said that she really didn’t think it was going to go well. I responded in the most sensible way and told her to not be negative, her horse would be over his first day jitters and everything would be fine. She may have smiled slightly and walked on…

I must confess though,  when their names were called, and they entered the arena, I got the feeling it may not go well either. Her horse was super alert, and tossing his head around and generally acting up. To my surprise though they got down to business and had a great clear round.

WPBLOG-55859Her joy was quite apparent and I love when a rider praises a horse for doing well.
In short I was over the moon that it went well for an almost total stranger.
WPBLOG-55883A little later I walked over to where she and her horse were standing and she high fived me and said thank you for what I had said to her earlier, it had been just what she needed to hear.

Yes I melted a bit, and right there is my best reason for for baking in the sun and freezing in the cold. The human connection, the chance to be more than just a guy with a camera. To be someone who can make a difference, however small in someones life. To me that’s incredible and a privilege.

The Storm

’cause you’re the storm that I’ve been needing
and all this peace has been deceiving
I need some wind to get me sailing
so it’s the storm that I believe in

you fill my heart, you keep me breathing
’cause you’re the storm that I believe in

and if you want me I’m your country

‘The Cardigans – You’re the Storm’
IMK54815 3 Small
Model – Maria Amanda (her photographer  –  Lars Sivertsen)
Premade background
Editing by me
Music – The Cardigans


If he was honest it was a bit lonely on the precipice. Muted waves could be heard surging below, rendered invisible by the low mist.
He had driven the final nail into the final box.
It was all done now. There was no more hope, no more future, no more looking forward only downward.
The wind came up, his clothing tugged at him as if to remind him of his existence.
Surprised by the tears that moistened his cheeks he quietly took the final step into his finality.

The Haunted

Still I’m holding out my hand
Standing by my haunted man
Yes, your ghosts have go me too
But it’s me and you
I can’t run…
‘Bat for Lashes – The Haunted Man’




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