The Seer

Never let me go

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me,
And all this devotion was rushing out of me,
And the crashes are heaven for a sinner like me,
But the arms of the ocean deliver me.

Though the pressure’s hard to take,
It’s the only way I can escape,
It seems a heavy choice to make,
Now I am under.

And it’s breaking over me,
A thousand miles down to the sea bed,
Found the place to rest my head.

Never let me go, never let me go.
Never let me go, never let me go.

Florence And The Machine – Never Let Me Go



Just an observation, whether the water is blue and inviting or dark with foreboding, the drowning is the same.


Model: faestock

Background: riviera2008

Edit : Me

Music : Florence + Machine



Where the silence falls
There the river runs deep
Where the shadow ends
So begins the dream

Where the hunger leads me
It’s hard to believe
I’ll be lost to you

It’s the blood that ties
It’s the hurt that heals
It’s the face you hide
Hides the pain you feel

Heather Nova – Believe In Angels



The Night

Erased from the darkness, the rules of decay fold like bones given back to the earth.
I’ll vacuum the spaces used to separate me from you, you from me, death from birth.
My aim is slightly high, in the silent night, in the silent night.
If the stars can align all of man with night sky, then why can’t my heart mend the break?
But I’ll love you in the same, cause it’s only a dream, and the dreamer is bound to awake.
My aim is slightly high, in the silent night, in the silent night.




Fire eye


Credits : Background, Edit & Photography – Wolfworx
Model : Rochelle
MUA : Erin of smashberribeauty
Music : Massive Attack

Renevatio and the problem with living things

The problem with being alive is to stay that way you need a fairly steady diet of something to consume that acts as fuel to keep you in that state.

Imagine then, for a moment, what it would be like if this source of sustenance was taken from you.

The slow starving, wasting away, gradually you are reduced to something barely living.

Then you die.


This is not limited to a physical death caused by a lack of hamburgers, rice and other culinary delicacies. Peoples needs differ.

Some have a mental stimulus, that brightens each day and gives them reason to rise and shine. Losing that reason is no different to losing physical food. Except the mind dies first and when the mind gives up, the body follows.

Running out of physical food ( depending on the circumstance ) can vary in severity from a problem to a catastrophe. Perhaps you simply need to learn to hunt or perhaps eat berries. Chances are you can pick up the pieces and carry on.

Mind food .. I’m not sure about that, I suppose one could pick up some inspirational literary gems and hope for the best, but it’s certainly a far more worrying state to be in.

This piece is something I created shortly after the secondary hard drive in my PC failed, that in itself was quite traumatic as it took a lot of un backed up photos and work with it.

Renevatio Small

The image was entitled Renevatio, Latin for restoration, It was meant to be a symbol of me getting all my information back. Now it has become a symbol of restoration of my mind food that has run out.

I’m not expecting miracles tho, personally I think it’s all just too late


ps. Ultimately I never posted it, maybe I was superstitious, but as it happened the drives data was successfully recovered, even that has failed to fill the void
Model :
Background Texture :
Wings, things, growths ( all with Chaoscope) and editing : Me

Beware the full moon

Something for the horse lovers

Gray Day

I had a gray day today, not super successful with anything I attempted, so I did these…


Gray 2


Gray 3


Gray 1




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