If he was honest it was a bit lonely on the precipice. Muted waves could be heard surging below, rendered invisible by the low mist.
He had driven the final nail into the final box.
It was all done now. There was no more hope, no more future, no more looking forward only downward.
The wind came up, his clothing tugged at him as if to remind him of his existence.
Surprised by the tears that moistened his cheeks he quietly took the final step into his finality.

The Haunted

Still I’m holding out my hand
Standing by my haunted man
Yes, your ghosts have go me too
But it’s me and you
I can’t run…
‘Bat for Lashes – The Haunted Man’



Dive – or walk – into the unknown

It matters not how, but that you do




determine for yourself



Model – devious-stock
Tree – wolfworx
Fractal rendering and editing wolfworx

Four White Stallions

She had four white stallions coming up around the bend
Four strong angels at her command to send
Four more seasons, for all that’s broken to mend

I got four good reasons why I cant go back there again

She had skin like a statue, milky white and pure
Carved by an artist who’s hand is demure
Got a mind like a sabre
Razor sharp and sure

God how I hate myself for still wanting her

Tell me its nicer dreaming, visions soft and sure
No way to find there’s nothing left to me and her
Nothing more but a heart still at war

She had four white stallions coming up around the bend
Four strong angels already sent
Four more seasons for all that’s broken to mend…

Horses –
Model –
Ocean –
Idea, editing and other stuff – Me
Lyrics / Song – Four White Stallions by Counting Crows

You look so fine

Horse Show, SANESA Regional qualifier

A busy 3 day equine show that kept me running !

These are a few of my favorite ‘random’ images taken in those ‘in between’ moments.






















Pale blue eyes, revisited

Sometimes I feel so happy
Sometimes I feel so sad
Sometimes I feel so happy
But mostly you just make me mad


All the pretty horses II

All the pretty horses


So you turn

you run

you hide

you seek refuge from the clammering world around you

from its demands and its parasitic draining of your life

for a few precious moments reality is suspended

you are lost in a world of shimmering light



soft echoes off hardened concrete

you try take it all in, all your senses in overdrive

and then like the tide swelling and heaving in the world once more overtakes you

overwhelming and oppressing, draining and murdering your will to go on

you need a reason where none are to be found




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