Hey there Delilah

Delilah is a young and busy mare, she is very pretty though, and her colouring was a great contrast to Ingrids fair skin, blonde hair and dress
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After the Wild Ballet Part 5 shoot, we had some idea of where our lighting setup worked and where it didn’t, so with this information fresh in mind we planned a second attempt, but with a difference.
As misfortune (fortune?) would have it the weather had other ideas and we had to change the plan to a studio shoot.

It made for a more controlled environment, and our model Robyn was superb. The idea is still not quite perfected and I have some ideas for a third attempt :) watch this space in the months to come…


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Patience pays off

I am a big believer in the concept of patience paying off “usually”
Tessa is someone I approached some time back with the idea of doing a photoshoot with her horse(s). She is a celebrity in her own right in South Africa, but as down to earth and genuine as anyone can be.
After a couple of failed attempts due to timing and busy schedules, this year everything fell into place, although quite last moment, non the less it worked out. Patience definitely paid off.

We set our sights high with certain aspects of the shoot, coordinating three boisterous boys is not for the faint of heart, but I think the results say it all. Again all I can say is patience with these three definitely paid off !

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Romantic Axe, the horse it all started with


Chalooga, Will Hunting & Romantic Axe


Chaos ensued …


But Tess handled it all whilst looking beautiful as ever




Carrots please mum


Tender moments


Posing like the pro he is




Special bond with Romantic Axe


This makes me warm and fuzzy


Lovely couple

“Mutters” photoshoot prize winner

Part of my photo-road-trip this year was 2 competitions, one for Neigh-bours (A South African horsey website) and one for Mutters (A South African doggy website)

Here is the “Mutters” winner of a mini photoshoot…

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Wild Ballet Part 5

The fifth and final part of the shoot only took place once the sun was setting, my sidekick Ashleigh and I had the idea of creating something back lit and hopefully quite moody.
Needless to say it was a bit tricky and the results were a bit varied, but mostly good.
Our young dancer by this stage must have been quite tired, and we had a storm approaching so there was little time to experiment. We took what we could and then packed up, minutes later the rain began to fall…

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Wild Ballet Part 4

Part 4 of the shoot was a no brainer, there was this beautiful green little “island” sticking out in to the river, I thought it may look quite spectacular from on top of the bridge

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Wild Ballet Part 3

For the third part we abandoned the top of bridge, and went to see if there were any parts below which were useable. Fortunately we found one which was relatively clear of debris and had running water for added effect.

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Wild Ballet Part 2

For the second part of the shoot, staying ontop of the bridge and with the addition of pointe shoes, we went for something more static.

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Wild Ballet Part 1

It is fair to say that as photographer I have managed to get around and meet a broad spectrum of people.

My personal opinion is that I have met some of the best people. One of these is Rain, infact the story goes a little deeper as I knew her sister Firn first, and it was through Firn that I got to know Rain.

I was looking for a dancer to do a project shoot with on my current Photo-road-trip, and somehow ended up on the subject while chatting to Firn, the rest, as they say, is history.
I would be remiss if I did not mention their mum and dad too, they support their kids in a way many parents could learn from. Much respect.

We started off by a concrete bridge which offered a lovely contrast of hard concrete, soft vegetation and the grace and strength of the dancer.
Without further ado, here are some images from the first part of the shoot. I will break it down into bite size chunks, so make sure you see them all as they get posted :)

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David and Goliath aka Teddy and Gully

Teddy the big chunky percheron and his “mini me” Gully formed the theme for a really cute shoot :)
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